5 Things I Can’t Live Without

There are a few essential items to my life that I use and wear on a frequent basis, and I thought I’d share those with you since they are my FAVORITE things. Give them a try and let me know what you think – or share YOUR favorite can’t-live-without things!

1. Kendra Scott Studs – $50

They are $50, and in my opinion worth every penny because I wear them everyday. I can rock them with scrubs, work out gear, and even on a date night – they are so versatile. I get tons of compliments on them, and I love how simple they are.


2.  Aromatherapy’s Rose Hydrating Face Mask – $62

I discovered this on a recent spa trip in Breckenridge. Saying my skin is dry is an understatement on a normal day – add pregnancy to the mix and my skin is a friggin desert. However, this face mask ACTUALLY works. I put it on 3 times a week and my skin soaks it up by the morning time. I’d put it on every night, but my wallet couldn’t afford that.


3. Hair Dryer Straightening Accessory – $15

I have a lot of HAIR and absolutely loathe blow drying it straight. However, this trusty little attachment has changed my life. I am no longer required to hold a brush while I dry my hair, the attachment does everything for me! I still have to straighten my hair afterward, but that may be because I’m psycho when it comes to making it board straight.


4. Dog Waste Bag Dispenser aka Poop Bag Holder

Yes, it’s not glamorous, but it is necessary. Say goodbye to the emotional pain and embarrassment that comes from not having a bag available to pick up your dog’s droppings (WHY IS SOMEONE ALWAYS THERE WATCHING WHEN YOU FORGET TO BRING ONE?!). This is light and functional and keeps you from begging your dog to only go #2 once on a walk or run. Enjoy!


5. Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works

Yes, I still shop at Bath & Body Works. Judge all you want, because I bet my bathroom smells better than yours does! They are decorative, functional, and worth every penny. Bath & Body works always has coupons and deals going on which make this purchase affordable and something you can stick with.


Hope you enjoyed my picks!



Carbon 38 (Best website to order work out clothes!)

Every Tuesday night I go to a Cycle class, and the instructor in the class always has AMAZING pants on.  I am a sucker for anything bright, fun, and comfortable while I am working out.  Thank goodness for technology these days because after some Facebook research, and a little Instagram skimming I found them!!!  These pants are priced around the same as Lululemon so if you are already a fan…get ready for something NEW!  I have ordered a couple of these, but the selection is amazing.  I will give a full review after I put these babies on.  Carbon 38 has a great selection of different brands, and is super easy to navigate.  The two girls that started the website are classically trained dancers so I trust them on their knowledge of spandex!

The pants, obsessed.  You can buy here.


And this shirt to complete the outfit!  You can buy here.


What workout pants can ya’ll not live without?!  I always love finding new ones.  Happy Monday…trying hard to survive over here without The Bachelor on!



Priceless words

Worrying is pointless.

Max Lucado delivered a sermon of that nature in August of 2003. I was attending Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, and I was about to enter my junior year of high school.

Junior year at my Christian, college prep high school was always famed as the year that would make or break you. The year of all-nighters, impossible exams, and massive research papers. The year was a little intimidating. I was already stressed with my grades and applying to college.

Looking back now, being so worried about a year in school seems so much smaller in comparison to other things I could be worried about in life today. But that message still helped carry me through that year, and all the other years to come.

If there a situation is out of your control, worrying is wasted energy that is stealing valuable time from you. (That’s not to say that if there IS something that can be bettered in a situation, you shouldn’t worry yourself with it… Quite the opposite, actually…do everything that is within your power and then don’t sweat the rest).

Attempting to reduce worry doesn’t come easy with the genes that I was born with (read as: my family is great at worrying). But coming to the realization that “worrying doesn’t change the outcome” is something that I try to remind myself every day.

Hakuna Matata!

We would love to hear your most memorable piece of advice. Spread the love and share your wisdom!





There is a part of me that realizes I will never be able to make the bed like my mother does. I’ll never fully have the perefct organized pantry, cabinets, or closets like she does either. She’s taught me countless times how she does it, but for some reason I just can’t get it as crisp and perfect as she does.

Maybe it’s a generational difference – she didn’t have amazing TV shows like Dance Moms and House Hunters to distract her when her mother was teaching her how to complete these basic domestic tasks. I blame Lifetime for my domestic short comings.

I’ve just come to realize that when it comes to being organized (or “Strict Toilet Trained” as she calls it), I need all the help I can get.

However, thanks to Bed Bath & Beyond, 31 and Pinterest – I manage to fake my way into pretending things are organized and perfect like she has them. Here are a few of my favorite tricks:

$20 bucks and your makeup is organized. When I’m done, I just hide it all under the sink.

Organize2Basically, I just had to cough up the cash and buy more containers. They really do help!




A gift from a friend – An affordable 31 Bag to hold my hair dryer and other hair tools.


Fold pesky fitted sheets with eas from ImperfectHomemaking.com. She’s a Genius.


Happy Wednesday and Happy Organizing!



Three Bird Nest

My new favorite obsession.  I have quite a lot of those.  I came across a website for the owner, and quickly checked out her site on Etsy.  I made my first purchase a few weeks ago, and got around to wearing it for the first time this weekend.  I absolutely love all the stuff that she makes.  She even makes flower headbands that I think would be perfect for a music festival.  On top of that she has some amazing flowly tops, and these are pretty much all that fills my closet so I will be purchasing some of these as well.  If you do not have Etsy or get on it, have no fear she has a website here!  She has more clothing options on the website so I would check that out before Etsy.

I ordered the Jersey Twist Turband.  It fits very comfortably and looks good with your hair up in a messy bun or down.  I curled my hair, but I have very fine/thin hair so I think if I were to have worn it straight it may have slipped right out!  Here is the link to purchase, they come in a lot of pretty colors.


And this is me with my little buddy!


I currently have my eye on a few other items from her shop! Below are some other things that I will be getting.  Hope ya’ll love this gem of a shop as much as I do.

orange red


Happy Monday, and as always happy shopping!!!



Spring is Coming!

I’ve been dancing with excitement all week long, as the temperatures rose and the sun peeked it’s face out from behind the clouds. Not only does the buzzing Austin energy mean that SXSW is beginning, but this weather also means spring is coming!

And with spring comes some good ol’ spring cleaning…just in time for some spring shopping! I’m excited to share that I’m going to test out a couple new options for spicing up my wardrobe, and I would love for y’all to join me. Stitchfix and Le Tote have caught my eye, and I’m excited to get some doorstep surprises as I try shopping in a different way. Who knows, maybe I’ll even save a little dough ;).

I can’t wait for this thing to have a little extra flare in it!


You made it! Hump DAY!

Happy Wednesday, Friends.



I’m currently on vacay in Destin, Florida. Getting some QT with my parents,  happily sans bud light limes (thanks to that fetus the size of a sweet potato in my belly), and hitting the refresh button on my soul.

The weather is questionable, but the value of spending this time with my mom and dad before our lives change for good is immeasurable, and I’m so thankful.

Sure, mom may tell the same stories once or twice and I may be able to predict dad’s jokes before he tells them, but I do realize how lucky I am to have this week with them.

So for now, I’ll leave this post short and sweet and if you’re lucky enough to be a call, text or email away from your parents (some of my good friends aren’t), go ahead and give them a shout.

Until next time, here is a mind blowing life hack from my favorites at PureWow that will most definitely come in handy. I know I could have used it this past weekend as I was packing for a wedding:

Untangling Necklaces from your Jewelry Box.



Quick and Healthy Dinner

It seems that every time my husband leaves town, I end up trying to clean out the fridge by combining what’s left. Last night I lucked out ended up easily making a healthy and delicious dinner. Quick, easy, and gluten-free dinner for one!


Try it out and let me know what you think!

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Stir Fry

1 tbsp Coconut Oil (melt in skillet)

4-6 oz. boneless, skinless, chicken breast

2 tbsp chili paste

2 tsp gluten-free soy sauce

1 tbsp garlic

1 cup fresh mixed veggies (I used a combination of broccoli, snap peas, and carrots)

Pepper to taste


Melt coconut oil in skillet before adding chicken to cook. Once chicken is cooked, add chili paste, garlic, and veggies. Stir occasionally, covering skillet in between stirs. Once fork easily inserts into veggies, remove from heat. Serve and enjoy!

Red Lips

I’ve never really been one of those people who take an hour to get ready (unless, of course, you are asking me to dry and straighten my hair – in that case I’ll need 17 hours notice). For me, my main priorities are ease and simplicity – especially when it comes to make-up. When prepping for a night out, my friend Jackie and I can determine what kind of night it will be based solely on whether we decide to wear eyeliner or not. Eyeliner = big night out.

That’s why when my sister-in-law came to visit last Labor day, she was gettin’ pretty and planning to head over to visit a friend. She completely caught me off guard when she came downstairs and had on this beautiful shade of red lipstick. I hadn’t even considered putting red lipstick back into my make-up routine – every time I think about wearing it, I get flashbacks of ballet recitals from back in the day when I was a blue bird.


But, it didn’t look like a dance recital on her, it looked awesome. Her shade of lipstick took her outfit from simple to looking WAM BAM THANK YOU MAM. Being the awesome S-I-L that she is, she saw all the selfies I posted on instagram my strong reaction the lipstick and gifted it to me.

Here are my beautiful Mother-in-Law and S-I-L with our sassy red lips:


I’ve worn it now countless times and get compliments almost every time I wear it (even if its just from me in my own head). What I like best about it is that I can continue my no-fuss make-up routine and when I wanna be fancy, red lips help out a lot!

Sportin’ the Red Lips with my pretty momma on Thanksgiving:


A much-needed ugly christmas sweater selfie with red lips:


I even make my friends wear it:


Red lips at a wedding:


I’ve tried a few different shades of red and this is my favorite… go ahead and give it a try – let me know what you think!




Friday Fun

It’s Friday, and maybe you’re looking for something to make the day go by quicker you more productive…well here you go. You’re welcome.

to the weekend (1)

realsimple.com/storage … Ever wonder how long those items should really be on the shelf? Here you can find the answers. No more useless/out of date items taking up space.

whichdateworks.com … Planning a girls weekend with your besties from high school just got easier. Use this site to find dates that work for all of you! Hello, Napa Valley!

youtube.com/leanback … Trying to pass the day by watching trending YouTube videos? Try this for an even better experience–watching YouTube videos TV-style!

10-minutemail.com … Need to get another free trial of Hulu or Netflix? This site lets you create a new email address that expires in 10 minutes so you have another email address to enter. Genius.

us.camelcamelcamel.com … Always looking to get the best deal out there? CamelCamelCamel will alert you when your favorite amazon item drops in price. You can even upload your Amazon Wishlist directly to the site to get the best deals on all those items.

stripcreator.com … Make your own comic strip. Even for the less-creative. Just a warning: if you start one now, you may be late to a meeting in an hour. It’s addictive.

agoodmovietowatch.com … Don’t waste all your time searching through the on-demand channels and Netflix just trying to determine what movie to watch.

isiticedcoffeeweather.com … Now, this isn’t not the most helpful for me (since the answer is ALWAYS YES), but this can help you decide if you’re on the fence. 😉

cuteoverload.com … Infinite amounts of cuteness found on this site. The end of the day will be here in no time.




(H/T to this Reddit feed that introduced me to some of these websites. The rest I found on Friday afternoons weekends;).)